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Verminex has tied up with international providers who have proven methodology and products to aid in integrated pest management for enhanced results and effective year round protection.

Fly Control

FlyHunter Mesh30
FlyHunter Mesh60
FlyHunter Uplight30

Single Side Clear Mesh
Dimensions(cm): H:30 W:48 D:7.5
Weight: 3.5kg
Coverage: Wall Mounted 90m²
Finish: White Powder Coating
Bulb Detail: 2 x 15-Watt Philips
Shatterproof Bulbs.

Double Sides Clear Mesh
Dimensions(cm): H:30 W: 48 D: 13
Weight: 5.5kg
Coverage:Ceiling-suspended 180m²
Finish: White Powder Coating
Bulb Detail: 4 x 15-Watt Philips Shatterproof Bulbs

Dimensions(cm):H:26 W:48 D:16
Weight: 2.75 kg
Coverage: Wall Mounted 90m²
Finish:White Powder Coating
Bulb Detail:2x15-Watt Philips
Shatterproof Bulbs.

Fly Patrol
Ultra Inn

The Paraclipse™ Fly Patrol is the ultimate home decorative fly control system enabling it to comfortably blend into the decor of any home or small restaurant or dining area. Using a highly effective combination of special UV light, attractants and trapping surface to trap flying insects.

Kitchens & Family Rooms
Recreational Rooms
Conference Rooms
Small Restaurants

The Insect Inn Ultra™ can capture over 2000 flies! Wall mounted unit, which doubles as an attractive decorative fixture, environmentally safe way to control flies. The Insect Inn Ultra™ meets all USDA and FDA guidelines.

Full-Service Restaurants
Fast-Food Restaurants
Supermarkets & Bakeries
Convenience Stores
Large Offices
Dining Areas & Snack Bars

The Paraclipse™ Terminator is a commercial/industrial multi-function portable fly trap. The unit may be used free-standing or suspended from the ceiling. Its high volume 60-day cartridge system traps 20 times more flies than glueboard units.

Commercial Kitchens
Food Processing Plants
Food Preparation Areas
Poultry and Egg Ranches


International Certifications

VERMINEX is a proud member of BPCA and NPMA since the year 1995. With international standards and techniques Verminex is harnessing the maximum potential in IPM.

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"All of our fly control systems are
non-toxic, clean, effective fly elimination systems that
absolutely work!"

Made in U.S.A.

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